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Christmas Comes to the Capitol

Merry Christmas to all good people, whose compassionate, unyielding advocacy has strengthened protections for our beloved, companion animals!

‘Twas the night before Christmas

When all through the hushed House

Not a state rep was stirring

Senators were quiet as a mouse.


When out on the capitol lawn

There arose cacophonous clatter

Senator Obhof leapt to his feet

Calling, “Rosenberger, whatever’s the matter?”


They flew to the window. They peered through its wreath.

One wringing his hands, while gnashing his teeth.

‘Cause what to their wondering eyes should appear?

Lively dogs with their advocates, in a joyful atmosphere!


Multitudes of campaigners, dogs running through the snow,

Constituents with families, voters in chilly tableau.

“What committee has our bills?  What dog protections are new?

The year’s nearly over. What judicial decisions have you?”


We’ve come from Cuyahoga, Ashtabula, and Pike so far away

We have to know what you’ve decided. What final words do you say?”

They looked at the crowd, then back at each other.

They looked at Franklin granddads, Brown sisters, and Clark brothers.


Democrats chanting on the left, staunch Republicans to the right.

Why even some independents were pulling into sight.

Our leaders huddled together, in need of a solid plan

To bring prosperity, peace, and justice to reign in our land.


What to do about these decisions, weighing heavily on each heart!

What about the lobbyists, smashing animal laws before they start?

Just then the town clock struck midnight.  Heaven’s Christmas star twinkled so clear.

I wouldn’t have believed it myself, if I hadn’t been there to see and hear.


Ohio’s stoic Senate, with immovable House in tow

Underwent awesome changes, breaking gridlock and status quo!

Hearts suddenly aglow with mercy, grace not known before,

For all their constituents, for hopeless souls, even for homeless poor.


For Ohio dogs suffering, abandoned, mistreated, all alone

Our judicial branch passed animal laws, with unity before unknown.

A calm and a hush fell over the crowd, assembled in Columbus that night

Faces stared in wonder, while compassion lit hearts contrite.


Our governor bestowed his blessings, on his newly passed mandates

To protect companion animals, throughout his Buckeye state!

Those gathered there in Columbus, remember that Eve so well.

For Democrats and Republicans were able to wave farewell

To polls, to ads, to feuds, divisiveness, to deeply ingrained spite.

At the end of that moonlit session, the Statehouse finally got it right!

Now when Ohioans feel that first chill, and see new fallen snow

They nod and smile thoughtfully, ’bout that numinous night, long ago.