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Ohio General Assembly Voting Record for Companion Animal Bills – 130th General Assembly

Ohio, do you want to know how your state reps voted on companion animal bills in the last three General Assemblies?  Click on the button below.

Ohio House Voting Record


You can find the few votes that the Ohio Senate has had on companion animal bills in the last three General Assemblies here.   Our bills generally languish and die in the Ohio Senate without hearings and without votes.


Ohio Senate Voting Record


Note the dates that each bill is assigned to a committee, has hearings, and is voted on. You can see then how quickly (or slowly) the bill is moving.

Do you want to see stronger protections for Ohio cats and dogs.  Call your state legislators. Let them know that you want to see these important bills enacted into law.  Ohio ranks 30th in animal protections.

The General Assembly ends in December of 2014.  Bills that languish without hearings will die in December.  Some of the above bills have met that doomed fate in previous General Assemblies.

Get informed.  Get active.  Vote for Ohio legislators who have a proven voting record for protections for companion animals!