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Make that call to your city hall for outside dogs today!

Our Ohio, outside dogs are suffering in current, plummeting temperatures. Our state is in a deep, winter freeze. Please advocate for better living conditions for the outside dogs in your community.

There are no state laws in place right now to humanely address outside animals, living in desperation and pain. Many concerned people across Ohio are calling their local dog wardens, their police, and their sheriffs without success.  State law simply requires “adequate” food, water, and shelter. “Adequate” generally keeps many dogs outside, in distress, subject to frostbite, hypothermia, and a slow, frightening death.

There will be state bills proposed for anti-tethering and extreme temperatures in Ohio. These bills have not yet appeared. It takes a long time for a bill to become a law. Many of our most important, companion animal bills fail.

Please take action locally now, in the city where you live. Here’s a positive, doable plan for you to help outside dogs in your community.

First, organize a dedicated, small group of your friends to advocate for a new, animal ordinance where you live. Meet in a local coffee shop to share ideas and to review the Cleveland animal ordinance, a working model you can use.

(Find Cleveland’s ordinance here. Cruelty to animals, shelter, anti-tethering, weather are found at 603.09)

Two excellent, common sense points in the Cleveland ordinance are that the dog cannot be tied outside if no one is home, nor can he be outside during a weather advisory.

Second, select a local council member to work with you.  This person is crucial to the success of your ordinance.  He will be doing most of the work to advance the ordinance. If he is “wishy-washy” about animals, your ordinance will not be successful.

Call city hall today. Ask for an appointment to meet with the council member regarding improving your local, animal ordinance. Take Cleveland’s ordinance with you as a starting point.

Our companion animal laws need to be strengthened. Start today where you are.

If you feel you cannot organize and meet with your local city council, then share this blog with friends, who might be able to take that initiative for outside dogs.

Please join us today in making “backyard dogs” a footnote for Ohio, history books.