Monthly Archives: November 2015

What is your commitment to Ohio dogs and cats – silver, gold, platinum, or bronze?

Our pets need protection with greater enforcement of existing law and further enactment of stronger laws.

I commit to do what I can, where I am for our beloved cats and dogs.

Silver Level

I can easily work from the comfort of my home. I will use social media to promote awareness of animal cruelty and neglect.  I can easily “like”, share, and comment.

I will also tweet the news articles so that newspaper editors will be alerted to my interest in animal welfare. Editors take note of the number of interactions on their web sites and plan future coverage on those numbers.  So, the more interactions there are with the articles, the more future coverage there will be.

Gold Level

I will use social media and will encourage my family and friends to connect too in order to broaden our humane-minded community.

Platinum Level

I’ll stay connected to my humane community.  I will also write / call / visit important local and state politicians in support of companion animal legislation.

I will attend the peaceful rallies and pet events near my home that Nitro’s Ohio Army organizes. His Army is “boots on the ground” to advocate for justice for individual animals that have been injured or killed and to educate the public about companion animal bills and laws. 

I will be an active, informed voter. I will take note of which candidates are humane-minded.

Bronze Level

I love what you are doing in Ohio to help dogs and cats.  I live outside of Ohio, but I am with you in spirit, cheering you to victory.  I’ll use social media to promote your efforts.  I hope similar initiatives succeed across the nation.