Want to be an e-Activist?

You have to know who YOUR state senator and YOUR state rep are.

Each Ohio voter has one state senator and one state rep.  Most voters do not realize who their two state legislators are until they begin to follow state bills. 

Senators Brown and Portman are your federal (not state) senators.

To find your state senator and state rep, you need to know your zip code and your 4-digit extension number.  That extension number can be found at the end of your junk mail.

You can also find your extension number at the first link below.  Type in your address to find your 4-digit extension number.


Go to the second link.  Fill in the first box with your zip code.  Fill in the second box with your 4-digit extension number.


If done correctly, you should just two names, your state senator and your state representative.

Put these two names and their telephone numbers in your cell phone.  I encourage you to call them before they vote on our animal bills, or any other piece of legislation at the Statehouse that you are interested in.