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Outlaw Bestiality in Ohio

Bestiality Must Be Outlawed

Bestiality makes us very uncomfortable.  It is too hard to talk about, even with our families.  It involves the unspeakable. It is one of our last taboos, boiling beneath the surface of our well-ordered communities. 

But it is an outlier of deviant behavior so extreme that it must be banned.  It is a marker of a seriously disturbed mind.  It is clear sign of a combustible danger, hidden from our immediate view. 

Animals are the perfect victims.  They are easy to restrain and control … and they can never tell.  Animal casualties are often reported first by animal control or neighbors. A dog’s whimpering or a cat’s frenzy may finally attract the attention of a nearby-resident. 

But there may be less visible victims, tyrannized, in a nearby house of suffering.  The children, the partners, the elderly, the handicapped – they may also be ensnared in an endless web of fear and pain.

Children and animals often appear together as easy victims of prey.  For example, when law enforcement agencies confiscate the computers of trolls of child pornography, there is generally a trove of bestiality photos and videos also stored on those, same devices.  

The FBI recognizes the importance of sexual animal abuse as an strong indicator of human crimes.  In January of 2016, the FBI began, for the first time, to require the 18,000, local and state, law enforcement agencies to report animal cruelty in a stand-alone category, “crimes against society”.

Bestiality is a warped, vile act.  It can be a powerful precursor of sexual homicide predators. It is also practiced by violent criminals, sex offenders, and the sexually abused.

Bestiality has health risks too.  Animals can carry and transmit human, sexual diseases, bacterial or parasitic infections, as well as cancer-causing viruses. 


SB 195, “Bestiality”, has a hearing for all testimony on November 30, 2016.  Please call the leadership of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee in support of SB 195.

Sen John Eklund, chair  (614) 644-7718  eklund@ohiosenate.gov 

Sen Jim Hughes, vice-chair  (614) 466-5981   hughes@ohiosenate.gov

Sen Cecil Thomas, ranking minority member (614) 466-5980  thomas@ohiosenate.gov

Sample script follows.  Please tweak it a bit. Your original words make a larger impact in Columbus.  Also, calls are count for more because they require an aide to fully listen.  E-mails can be quickly scanned. – However, if you only have time for e-mails, thank you for your work! 

“Good morning, Chair Eklund.  This is (your name) from (your city).  I strongly encourage you to move SB 195, “Bestiality”, to a vote and then VOTE YES.  Bestiality remains legal in about a dozen states, including Ohio.  Bestiality is a twisted, violent act, well connected to other predatory acts and highly correlated to pedophilia.  It is well documented that the seized computers of pedophillacs generally contain both child sexual victims and animal sexual victims.

“Bestiality must be outlawed and then prosecuted to its fullest.  The successful prosecution of bestiality will save a lifetime of heartache and expenses for those children and their families who also fall prey to the same sinister individuals. 

“Again, I encourage you to bring SB 195, “Bestiailty”, to a vote and then to VOTE YES to protect our communities, our children, and our animals from sexual violence.” 

FAQ About Ohio, Companion Animal Bills

1. I don’t know who my state senator or state rep are. How can I find out? (Senators Brown and Portman are not your state senators.  They are federal senators.)

Here is the link to find your state legislators.


Type in your zip code and the four digit zip code extension (9 digits in all).  If you added all nine digits correctly, you will see only two names.

If you don’t know your four digit extension, click on “US ZIP Code Search Tool”, right above the two boxes. Follow the directions for putting in your mailing address. Your four digit zip code will appear with your address.


2. What are the current companion animal bills in the current, 131st Ohio General Assembly?

a) HB 45, Humane Officer Training    This is a companion bill to “Nitro’s Law”, which has already Ohio law.  It requires twenty hours of training for humane officers.  Additionally, it gets rid of the residency requirement.  That means that humane officers can work in more counties, not just the one in which they reside.

Humane officers are the first responders to an animal crime scene.  The assessments that they initially make and the evidence that they collect form the foundation upon which the case is based.



Cosponsors:  Representatives Cera, S. O’Brien, Stinziano, Phillips, Lepore-Hagan


c) HB 274, Felony for Animal Abuse    Animal cruelty is not a stand alone crime.  Animal cruelty is often the most visible symbol in the area that others too may be in danger of violence or extreme neglect.

HB 274 passed the House on December 11, 2013.  It was assigned to the Senate Agriculture Committee on December 12, 2013.

Please contact Senators Faber and Hite to move HB 274 forward in the Senate.

Sen. Keith Faber, president of Senate (614) 466-7584 faber@ohiosenate.gov

Sen Cliff Hite, Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee  (614) 466-8150 hite@ohiosenate.gov

Sponsors: Representatives Patmon, Sears

Cosponsors: Representatives Barnes, Cera, Lundy, Celebrezze, Pillich, Winburn, Adams, R., Anielski, Antonio, Ashford, Baker, Beck, Blessing, Boyce, Brown, Buchy, Butler, Carney, Clyde, Dovilla, Fedor, Foley, Gerberry, Grossman, Hackett, Hagan, R., Henne, Hottinger, Milkovich, O’Brien, Patterson, Pelanda, Ramos, Rogers, Ruhl, Williams Speaker Batchelder


d)  HB 310, PTSD Merits Assistance Dog –   Sufferers of PTSD will merit a service dog that can accompany them into restaurants, stores, movie theaters, and all places they need to access in order to be more mobile in their lives.

HB 310 passed the House on January 15, 2014.  It was assigned to the Senate State Government Oversight and Reform Committee on January 16, 2014.

Please contact Senators Faber and Burke to move HB 310 forward in the Senate.

Sen. Keith Faber, president of Senate (614) 466-7584 faber@ohiosenate.gov

Sen Dave Burke, Chair of the Senate State Government Oversight and Reform Committee    (614) 466-8049 burke@ohiosenate.gov

Sponsor:  Representative Ruhl

Cosponsors:  Representatives Terhar, Adams, J., Grossman, Milkovich, Bishoff, Brown, Ramos, Schuring, Adams, R., Amstutz, Anielski, Antonio, Ashford, Baker, Barborak, Barnes, Beck, Buchy, Budish, Burkley, Butler, Carney, Celebrezze, Cera, Derickson, Dovilla, Fedor, Gerberry, Green, Hackett, Hagan, R., Hall, Heard, Huffman, Landis, Mallory, McClain, O’Brien, Patterson, Perales, Pillich, Retherford, Rogers, Romanchuk, Sears, Sheehy, Smith, Stinziano, Winburn Speaker Batchelder


e)  SB 177, Pet Protection Orders    This is a companion bill to HB 243.  This is a domestic violence and pet protection orders bill which will allow the family pet to leave a home of violence along with the women and children.

This was passed unanimously by the Senate on June 3, 2014.  It now moves to the House.

Please contact Speaker Batchelder to move SB 177 forward in the House.

Speaker William Batchelder  rep69@ohiohouse.gov Phone (614) 466-8140  

Sponsor: Senators Skindell and Hughes

Cosponsors: Senators Brown, Cafaro, Gentile, Kearney, Schiavoni, Sawyer, Smith, Tavares, Turner


f) SB 217, Veterinary Hospital Inspections     This bill requires unannounced, random inspections of veterinary hospitals in order to assure to standard of care of veterinary medicine and to safeguard public health.

SB 217 was assigned to the Senate Agriculture Committee on October 29, 2013.

Please contact Senators Faber and Hite to move HB 57 forward in the Senate.

Sen. Keith Faber, president of Senate (614) 466-7584 faber@ohiosenate.gov

Sen Cliff Hite, Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee  (614) 466-8150 hite@ohiosenate.gov

Sponsor: Senator Kearney


g)  Sub HB 251, Flexible Sentencing for Judges   This bill undoes a current law and gives judges the discretion to send certain felons, like drug traffickers and animal abusers, to prison.  The current law requires judges to look for community sanctions instead of sentencing the felons to prison.

Sub HB 251 was assigned to the House Judiciary Committee on March 13, 2014.

Please contact Speaker Batchelder to move HB 251 to the House floor for a vote.

Sponsor: Representative Barborak

Cosponsors: Representatives Conditt, O’Brien, Pillich, Rogers, Butler, Celebrezze


h) HB 641, Animal Abuse Registry

Sponsor: Representative Celebrezze

Cosponsors: Representatives Barborak, Cera, Foley, Beck, Antonio, Fedor, O’Brien, Hagan, R.


i)  SB 215 – Good Samaritan – “Forcibly enter motor vehicle-rescue minor/animal-immunity”

Sponsors: Senators Hughes and LaRose

Cosponsors: Senators Bacon and Uecker 

This bill aims to grant a person immunity from civil liability for any damage resulting from the forcible entry of a motor vehicle for the purpose of removing a minor or an animal from the vehicle because the minor or the animal is in imminent danger of suffering harm.