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Bills and Ballot Initiative in the 132nd Ohio General Assembly


1.  HB 1 – Dating Violence Protection Orders  includes dating partners in DV protection orders, allows women to access DV shelters and take their pets


sponsors – Rep Vernan Sykes (D), Rep Gayle Manning (D)


2.  HB 147 – Special Prosecutors


  •      Rep Steven Hambley

3.   HB 226 – “Fireworks” aims to make higher grade fireworks more    accessible      


  • sponsors – Rep Bill Seitz (R), Rep Martin Sweeney (D)

  • cosponsors –  Rep Bill Dean (R), Rep John Becker (R), Rep Andy Thompson (R), Rep Wesley Goodman (R), Rep Dick Stein (R), Rep Bill Reineke (R), Rep Louis Blessing (R), Rep Kyle Koehler (R)

  • Fireworks terrify many dogs.  They panic and run away to get away from the explosions.  Shelters fill up with lost dogs after July 4 each year.

  • Woodland animals flee and abandon their nests.

  • Ohio has 800,000 veterans. Veterans with PTSD, sadly, relive the trauma of war when they hear the thunder of fireworks.

  • Individuals with dementia and autism are frightened by the sounds.

  • 120 Ohioans go to ER each year with injuries.  They lose limbs and are blinded. Their homes are set on fire.

  • https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-HB-226 (Read the bill here)
  • status – PASSED OHIO HOUSE, 84-13  on 10/13/17

  • http://www.dispatch.com/opinion/20170919/editorial-new-bill-is-bad-medicine (Dispatch – “Dangerous Fireworks Bill Should Fizzle”)


  • http://www.dispatch.com/news/20171011/those-fireworks-youve-been-setting-off-may-finally-be-legal-in-ohio (Dispatch article)


4.  HB 263 – “Dining with Dogs”, allows dogs on outdoor patios of restaurants


      sponsor – Rep Laura Lanese (R)

  •  status – passed House on April 11, 2018

  • Restaurant owner must agree.  Waiters cannot intentionally touch dogs.  Each dog plate must be single use. Patio must have its separate entrance.   Dogs are not permitted on the chairs or tables. Dog clean-up bags will be available. 
  •  https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-HB-263 (Read the bill here)

5.  HB 319 – “Shelter Dog as State Pet”


      sponsor – Rep Laura Lanese (R)

       status – one hearing

  • https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-HB-3194 (Read the bill here)

6.  HB 349 – “Increase Crime of Assaulting a Police or Search & Rescue –      Dog or Horse “


     sponsor – Rep Sarah LaTourette (R)

  • Applies same penalities for assaulting or harassing search and rescue dogs and horses as police dogs and horses have                                                                                                                                          
  •  Increases the penalty for assaulting a police dog or horse from a second degree misdemeanor to a fourth degree felony, a third degree felony if the animal suffers serious physical harm, and a second degree felony if the animal dies.

      https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation?          2&pageSize=10&start=1&sort=LegislationNumber&dir=asc&statusCode&legislationNumber=349&legislationTypes=HB&generalAssemblies=132   (Read the bill here)

7. HB 433 – “Veterinary Spay-Neuter”


  • sponsors – Reps Tom Brinkman (R) and Brigid Kelly (D)
  • author – DanaMarie Pannella, Esq.
  • This House bill and its companion bill, SB 232 in the Senate, give Ohio veterinarians the OPTION (not mandate) of using 2 CEU’s for FOUR HOURS of FREE SPAY-NEUTER.
  • Status –  unanimously reported out of committee on April 10, 2018

    Read Rep Brigid Kelly’s sponsor testimony at the link below for a clear understanding of the bill.

    http://pawsandthelawblog.com  (Read Rep Brigid Kelly’s sponsor testimony here)

    https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legis…/legislation-summary… (Read the bill here)

    6.  HB 506, “High Volume Breeders” (AKA ‘puppy mills’) 


    sponsor – Rep Brian Hill (R)

    cosponsors – Reps Andy Thompson (R), Brian Smith (R), John Patterson (D), Kirk Schuring (R), Bill Seitz (R), Koehler, Thomas Patton (R), Dick Stein (R), Thomas West (D),  Martin Sweeney (D), Darrell Kick (R), Scott Ryan (R), James Hoops (R)

    status – passed House; sponsor hearing in Senate

    This bill is introduced in response to the STOP PUPPY MILLS OHIO (SPMO) ballot initiative.

    HB 506 is not as good for animals from high volume breeders (AKA “puppy mills”) as Stop Puppy Mills Ohio (SPMO) is.  Both HB 506 & SPMO ban stacking of cages & require daily cleaning of cages.

    The House committee has made improvements on the bill, such as having a licensed veterinarian provide medical care for the animals.

    status – passed the House in April 2018


    7.  HB 523 – “Cross-reporting of Animal Abuse and Child Abuse”


    •  sponsors – Representatives Laura Lanese (R), Rick Perales (R)
    •  This bill requires cross-reporting of child abuse and animal cruelty 
    •  status – House Community and Family Advancement – 2nd hearing – March 14, 2018

    https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-HB-523  (Read the bill here)

    http://pawsandthelawblog.com/?p=1419 (Read my proponent testimony here)


    8.  HB 539 – Labrador Retriever as State Dog


    sponsor – Representative Jeff Rezabek

    status – 

    https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-HB-539  (Read HB 539 here)

    9.  HB 552 – Euthanasia and Chemical Capture of Animals


    sponsor- Representative LaTourette

    status – not yet assigned to committee

    https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-HB-552  (Read HB 552 here)

     10.  HB 560 – Prohibit pet food from containing euthanized animal remains


     sponsor – Laura Lanese (R)

    author – DanaMarie Pannella, Esq.

    status – not yet assigned to committee



11.  SB 195 – “Nuisance, Dangerous, and Vicious Dogs”


  • sponsor – Sen Bill Beagle (R)

  • https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-documents?id=GA132-SB-195 (Read the bill here)

12.  SB 232 – “Veterinary Spay-Neuter”


  • sponsor – Sen Cecil Thomas (D)

  • cosponsors – Senators Charleta Tavares (D),  Joe Schiavoni (D), Kenny Yuko (D)

  • author – DanaMarie Pannella, Esq.

  • status – has had three hearings in the Agriculture Committee

  • This Senate bill and its companion bill, HB 433, in the House, give Ohio veterinarians the OPTION (not mandate) of using 2 CEU’s for FOUR HOURS of FREE SPAY-NEUTER.

  •  https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-SB-232 (Read the bill here)



  • HSUS ballot initiative
  • aims to change the Ohio Constitution to standardize care in the kennels of large-scale breeders (AKA “puppy mills”)

  • applies to breeders with eight or more unspayed females and annual sales of more than 15 dogs

Ohio House Humane Report Card








 Humane       Voting         Scores

Adams, John R Champaign, Logan, Shelby 85   not on 2014 ballot
Adams, Richard R Darke, Miami 80   not on 2014 ballot
Amstutz, Ron R Wayne 1 62% U
Anielski, Marlene R Cuyahoga 6 93% A
Antonio, Nickie D Cuyahoga 13 100% A+
Ashford, Mike D Lucas 44 100% A+
Baker, Nan A. R Cuyahoga 16 94% A
Barborak, Nick D Columbiana 5 100% A+
Barnes, John Jr. D Cuyahoga 12 100% A+
Batchelder, Wm R Medina 69   retiring
Beck, Peter R Butler, Warren 54   not on 2014 ballot
Becker, John R Clermont 65 75% C
Bishoff, Heather D Franklin 20 100% A+
Blair, Terry R Montgomery     deceased
Blessing, Louis R Hamilton 29 95% A
Boose, Terry R Huron, Lorain 57 76% C
Boyce, Kevin D Franklin 25 100% A+
Boyd, Barbara D Cuyahoga 9   not on 2014 ballot
Brenner, Andrew R Delaware 67 100% A+
Brown, Tim W. R Wood 3 100% A+
Buchy, Jim R Auglaize, Darke, Mercer, Shelby 84 67% U
Budish, Armond D Cuyahoga 8   not on 2014 ballot
Burkley, Tony R Auglaize, Defiance, Paulding, Van Wert 82 100% A+
Butler, Jim R Montgomery 41 100% A+
Carney, John P D Franklin 22 93% A
Celebrezze, Nicholas D Cuyahoga 15 93% A
Cera, Jack D Belmont, Jefferson, Monroe 96 100% A+
Clyde, Kathleen D Portage 75 93% A
Conditt, Margaret R Butler 52 100% A+
Curtin, Michael D Franklin 17 100% A+
Damschroder, Rex R Sandusky, Seneca 88   not on 2014 ballot
DeVitis, Anthony R Summit 36 71% C-
Derickson, Timothy R Butler 53 94% A
Dovilla, Mike R Cuyahoga 7 100% A+
Driehaus, Denise D Hamilton 31 100% A+
Duffey, Mike R Franklin 21 100% A+
Fedor, Teresa D Lucas 45 100% A+
Foley, Mike D Cuyahoga 14   not on 2014 ballot
Gerberry, Ron D Mahoning 59 100% A+
Gonzales, Anne R Franklin 19 100% A+
Green, Doug R Brown, Clermont 66 100% A+
Grossman, Cheryl R Franklin 23 95% A
Hackett, Bob D. R Clark, Madison 74 100% A+
Hagan, Christina R Stark 50 100% A+
Hagan, Robert D Greene, Mahoning 58   not on 2014 ballot
Hall, David R Ashland, Holmes, Medina 70 75% C
Hayes, Bill R Coshocton, Licking, Perry 72 100% A+
Heard, Tracy M D Franklin 26   not on 2014 ballot
Henne, Michael R Montgomery 40 85% B
Hill, Brian R Guernsey, Muskingum 97 80% B-
Hood, Ron R Athens, Fairfield, Morgan, Muskingum, Pickaway 78 80% B-
Hottinger, Jay R Licking 71   not on 2014 ballot
Huffman, Matt R Allen 4   not on 2014 ballot
Johnson, Terry R Adams, Lawrence, Scioto 90 100% A+
Kunze, Stephanie R Franklin 24 100% A+
Landis, Al R Holmes, Tuscarawas 98 100% A+
Letson, Tom D Ashtabula, Trumbull 64 100% A+
Lundy, Matt D Lorain 55   not on 2014 ballot
Lynch, Matt R Geauga, Portage 76   not on 2014 ballot
Maag, Ron R Warren 62 79% C
Mallory, Dale D Hamilton 32   not on 2014 ballot
McClain, Jeff R Crawford, Marion, Monroe, Seneca, Wyandot 87 88% B
McGregor, Ross R Clark 79   not on 2014 ballot
Milkovich, Zach D Summit 35   not on 2014 ballot
O’Brien, Sean D Trumbull 63 100% A+
Patmon, Bill D Cuyahoga 10 100% A+
Patterson, John D Ashtabula, Geauga 99 100% A+
Pelanda, Dorothy R Marion, Union 86 90% A-
Perales, Rick R Greene 73 100% A+
Phillips, Debbie D Athens, Meigs, Vinton, Washington 94 100% A+
Pillich, Connie D Hamilton 28 100% A+
Ramos, Dan D Lorain 56 94% A
Redfern, Chris D Erie, Ottawa 89 100% A+
Reece, Alicia D Hamilton 33 80% B-
Retherford, Wes R Butler 51 100% A+
Roegner, Kristina R Summit 37 56% U
Rogers, John M. D Lake 60 100% RepresentativesA+
Romanchuk, Mark R Richland 2 100% A+
Rosenberger, Cliff R Clinton, Highland, Pike, Ross 91 100% A+
Ruhl, Margaret Ann R Delaware, Knox 68 95% A
Scherer, Gary R Fayette, Pickaway, Ross 92 100% A+
Schuring, Kirk R Stark 48 100% A+
Sears, Barbara R Fulton, Lucas 47 94% A
Sheehy, Michael D Lucas 46 100% A+
Slaby, Marilyn R Stark, Summit 38 100% A+
Slesnick, Stephan D Stark 49 93% A
Smith, Ryan R Gallia, Jackson, Lawrence, Vinton 93 100% A+
Sprague, Robert R Hancock, Hardin, Logan 83 100% A+
Stautberg, Peter R Hamilton 27   not on 2014 ballot
Stebelton, Gerald R Fairfield 77   not on 2014 ballot
Stinziano, Michael D Franklin 18 100% A+
Strahorn, Fred D Montgomery 39 100% A+
Sykes, Vernon D Summit 34   not on 2014 ballot
Terhar, Louis R Hamilton 30 100% A+
Thompson, Andy R Belmont, Carroll, Noble, Washington 95 73% C
Uecker, Joe R Adams, Brown, Clermont, Lawrence, Scioto     is running in the Senate (67% – U when he was in House)
Wachtmann, Lynn R Fulton, Henry, Putnam, Williams 81   not on 2014 ballot
Williams, Sandra D Cuyahoga 11   not on 2014 ballot
Winburn, Roland D Montgomery, Preble 43 100% A+
Young, Ron R Lake 61 100% A+