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Bills and Ballot Initiative in the 132nd Ohio General Assembly


1.  HB 1 – Dating Violence Protection Orders  includes dating partners in DV protection orders, allows women to access DV shelters and take their pets


sponsors – Rep Vernan Sykes (D), Rep Gayle Manning (D)


2.  HB 147 – Special Prosecutors


  •      Rep Steven Hambley

3.   HB 226 – “Fireworks” aims to make higher grade fireworks more    accessible      


  • sponsors – Rep Bill Seitz (R), Rep Martin Sweeney (D)

  • cosponsors –  Rep Bill Dean (R), Rep John Becker (R), Rep Andy Thompson (R), Rep Wesley Goodman (R), Rep Dick Stein (R), Rep Bill Reineke (R), Rep Louis Blessing (R), Rep Kyle Koehler (R)

  • Fireworks terrify many dogs.  They panic and run away to get away from the explosions.  Shelters fill up with lost dogs after July 4 each year.

  • Woodland animals flee and abandon their nests.

  • Ohio has 800,000 veterans. Veterans with PTSD, sadly, relive the trauma of war when they hear the thunder of fireworks.

  • Individuals with dementia and autism are frightened by the sounds.

  • 120 Ohioans go to ER each year with injuries.  They lose limbs and are blinded. Their homes are set on fire.

  • https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-HB-226 (Read the bill here)
  • status – PASSED OHIO HOUSE, 84-13  on 10/13/17

  • http://www.dispatch.com/opinion/20170919/editorial-new-bill-is-bad-medicine (Dispatch – “Dangerous Fireworks Bill Should Fizzle”)


  • http://www.dispatch.com/news/20171011/those-fireworks-youve-been-setting-off-may-finally-be-legal-in-ohio (Dispatch article)


4.  HB 263 – “Dining with Dogs”, allows dogs on outdoor patios of restaurants


      sponsor – Rep Laura Lanese (R)

  •  status – passed House on April 11, 2018

  • Restaurant owner must agree.  Waiters cannot intentionally touch dogs.  Each dog plate must be single use. Patio must have its separate entrance.   Dogs are not permitted on the chairs or tables. Dog clean-up bags will be available. 
  •  https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-HB-263 (Read the bill here)

5.  HB 319 – “Shelter Dog as State Pet”


      sponsor – Rep Laura Lanese (R)

       status – one hearing

  • https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-HB-3194 (Read the bill here)

6.  HB 349 – “Increase Crime of Assaulting a Police or Search & Rescue –      Dog or Horse “


     sponsor – Rep Sarah LaTourette (R)

  • Applies same penalities for assaulting or harassing search and rescue dogs and horses as police dogs and horses have                                                                                                                                          
  •  Increases the penalty for assaulting a police dog or horse from a second degree misdemeanor to a fourth degree felony, a third degree felony if the animal suffers serious physical harm, and a second degree felony if the animal dies.

      https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation?          2&pageSize=10&start=1&sort=LegislationNumber&dir=asc&statusCode&legislationNumber=349&legislationTypes=HB&generalAssemblies=132   (Read the bill here)

7. HB 433 – “Veterinary Spay-Neuter”


  • sponsors – Reps Tom Brinkman (R) and Brigid Kelly (D)
  • author – DanaMarie Pannella, Esq.
  • This House bill and its companion bill, SB 232 in the Senate, give Ohio veterinarians the OPTION (not mandate) of using 2 CEU’s for FOUR HOURS of FREE SPAY-NEUTER.
  • Status –  unanimously reported out of committee on April 10, 2018

    Read Rep Brigid Kelly’s sponsor testimony at the link below for a clear understanding of the bill.

    http://pawsandthelawblog.com  (Read Rep Brigid Kelly’s sponsor testimony here)

    https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legis…/legislation-summary… (Read the bill here)

    6.  HB 506, “High Volume Breeders” (AKA ‘puppy mills’) 


    sponsor – Rep Brian Hill (R)

    cosponsors – Reps Andy Thompson (R), Brian Smith (R), John Patterson (D), Kirk Schuring (R), Bill Seitz (R), Koehler, Thomas Patton (R), Dick Stein (R), Thomas West (D),  Martin Sweeney (D), Darrell Kick (R), Scott Ryan (R), James Hoops (R)

    status – passed House; sponsor hearing in Senate

    This bill is introduced in response to the STOP PUPPY MILLS OHIO (SPMO) ballot initiative.

    HB 506 is not as good for animals from high volume breeders (AKA “puppy mills”) as Stop Puppy Mills Ohio (SPMO) is.  Both HB 506 & SPMO ban stacking of cages & require daily cleaning of cages.

    The House committee has made improvements on the bill, such as having a licensed veterinarian provide medical care for the animals.

    status – passed the House in April 2018


    7.  HB 523 – “Cross-reporting of Animal Abuse and Child Abuse”


    •  sponsors – Representatives Laura Lanese (R), Rick Perales (R)
    •  This bill requires cross-reporting of child abuse and animal cruelty 
    •  status – House Community and Family Advancement – 2nd hearing – March 14, 2018

    https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-HB-523  (Read the bill here)

    http://pawsandthelawblog.com/?p=1419 (Read my proponent testimony here)


    8.  HB 539 – Labrador Retriever as State Dog


    sponsor – Representative Jeff Rezabek

    status – 

    https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-HB-539  (Read HB 539 here)

    9.  HB 552 – Euthanasia and Chemical Capture of Animals


    sponsor- Representative LaTourette

    status – not yet assigned to committee

    https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-HB-552  (Read HB 552 here)

     10.  HB 560 – Prohibit pet food from containing euthanized animal remains


     sponsor – Laura Lanese (R)

    author – DanaMarie Pannella, Esq.

    status – not yet assigned to committee



11.  SB 195 – “Nuisance, Dangerous, and Vicious Dogs”


  • sponsor – Sen Bill Beagle (R)

  • https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-documents?id=GA132-SB-195 (Read the bill here)

12.  SB 232 – “Veterinary Spay-Neuter”


  • sponsor – Sen Cecil Thomas (D)

  • cosponsors – Senators Charleta Tavares (D),  Joe Schiavoni (D), Kenny Yuko (D)

  • author – DanaMarie Pannella, Esq.

  • status – has had three hearings in the Agriculture Committee

  • This Senate bill and its companion bill, HB 433, in the House, give Ohio veterinarians the OPTION (not mandate) of using 2 CEU’s for FOUR HOURS of FREE SPAY-NEUTER.

  •  https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA132-SB-232 (Read the bill here)



  • HSUS ballot initiative
  • aims to change the Ohio Constitution to standardize care in the kennels of large-scale breeders (AKA “puppy mills”)

  • applies to breeders with eight or more unspayed females and annual sales of more than 15 dogs

“Good Samaritan” bill is rounding the bases and headed for home plate!

Sub SB 215, the “Good Samaritan” bill, was hit out of the ball park yesterday by the Ohio House Judiciary Committee vote, 13 – 0.  It was already on base, ready for action! The Senate had unanimously passed it.  It is now rounding the bases and is headed for home plate! 

Sub SB 215 allows individuals to rescue children and pets in danger in unattended vehicles.  This bill can save lives, children’s and pets’.  Individuals that break a window or forcibly enter a parked car to rescue a child or a pet in danger, are immune from civil damages, provided that they take certain, common sense measures. 

These reasonable measures are: (1) Determine the vehicle is locked.  (2) Believe the child or the pet is in danger.  (3) Call 9-1-1, the police, or the fire department before entering the car.   (4)  Place a note on the windshield with contact information, the reason the entry was made, the location of the child or pet, and stating that authorities have been notified.  (5) Remain with the child or pet until authorities arrive.  (6) Use no more force than necessary to break into the vehicle. 

On the other hand, Sub SB 215 is also a far-sighted bill that anticipates that a person who is “recklessness or willful … with regard to the forcible entry of the motor vehicle” will not be exempt from damages. 

There are at least twenty-two states (AZ, CA, DE, FL, IL, ME, MI, MD, MN, NB, NV, NH, NJ, NY, NC, ND, NV, OK, PA, RI, SD, TN, UT, VT, WA, and WV) with legislation that specifically prohibits leaving an animal or a child in a confined vehicle, in conditions which endanger the life of the animal or child, like lack of adequate ventilation or extreme temperatures.

Cars can be deathtraps for children and pets.  In 2014, there were 32 children nationwide who died horrendous deaths in hot cars, according to the organization Kids and Cars.  Additionally, pets can suffer heatstroke and brain damage in minutes in a hot car or be impaired by frost bite and hypothermia, leading to their deaths, in a frigid car. 

Last year in Cincinnati, where I live, there were two reports of animals dying in vehicles.  One dog died a terrible death, trapped in a sweltering car in Clifton in the summer.  A second dog died overnight in plummeting temperatures, left in the back of an SPCA van.  Additionally, there was an eight-month old infant that died in a hot car in a parking lot in Central Ohio, last summer, while her mother shopped. 


(Read Sub SB 215 at the link.)

Sub SB 215, “Good Samaritan” bill is now in effect in Ohio! 

VOTE SMART in November! Vote for change in the Ohio Senate!

Ohio cats and dogs want you to VOTE SMART in November!

Use your precious vote to VOTE for HUMANE LEGISLATORS.  We vote for them.  They vote for our bills.

Each voter can vote for no more than one, state rep and one, state senator.  

So, just focus on your TWO legislators. Don’t worry about the other 130 legislators right now.

Find your state rep and your state senator at the following link.  Fill in BOTH boxes.  In the first box, type your zip code.  In the second box, type your 4-digit extension.  If you do not know your 4-digit extension, there is a quick link right above the boxes to find it.

If you have done everything correctly, you will see JUST TWO NAMES, your state rep and your state senator. 

If you have problems with the link, just Google “Find my Ohio, state legislators” for  fresh link.


Our bills languish and die in the Ohio Senate year after year. We need to change the state Senate!

Remember that only 16 of the 33 Senate seats are up for reelection.  Perhaps your state senator is one that will not be up for reelection this year.

Each candidate has a Facebook page and a web site.  Call or write to them.  Ask about the voting records and their positions on animal issues that are important to you.

“VOTE 411” is an excellent web site for voters

You can find your own voting location and see your own ballot.  There are links to more  complete information on the candidates and the issues on your ballot.  This site is constantly updated right until March 15.  So, if some information is not there, keep trying back.   

Just type in your address on the first page.  Then, follow the green button, “Get personalized information on candidates and issues.”  Then, click on the green button, “View My Races”.

http://www.vote411.org/home#.VtL9d8eMC9Y (Excellent web site for personal voter information)

I strongly encourage you to VOTE OUT the STATE SENATORS who do not vote for or sponsor our bills.


Candidates for Ohio Senate and Ohio House – November 8, 2016


The single most important act you can take to curb animal cruelty and extreme neglect is to VOTE SMART!  We vote for our legislators.  They vote for our bills.

There are 33 seats in the Ohio Senate.  Half are up for election.  

Our bills languish and die in the Senate year after year.  So, please be an informed voter, especially when you are voting for your state senator.   Paws and the Law can publish past voting records.  That way you can see how your senate candidate voted on our companion animal bills.  

However, many candidates are new.  So, they have no voting records.  You will have to call those candidates who have no voting record.  Ask them specific questions.   “Which companion animal bills have you sponsored  in the past?”  “How would you vote on a felony for animal cruelty bill?” “How would you vote on an animal abuse registry?” “How would you vote on a tethering bill?”

Be sure to talk up the humane candidates among your friends, family, and coworkers.  Most people do not know who their state senator and state rep are until they begin to follow state legislation. So, you will be helping others to be informed.

Each voter has one state rep and one state senator.  

Find your state rep and your state senator at the following link.  Fill in both boxes.  The first box is for your zip code.  The second is for your 4-digit extension.  If you do not know your 4-digit extension, there is a quick link right above the boxes.

If you have done everything correctly, you will see just two names, your state rep and your state senator.  PM me, Beth Sheehan, with those two names.  I’ll give you their contact information.


Candidates for Ohio Senate – November 8, 2016

Half of the Ohio Senate seats are up for reelection.  Each voter votes for no more than one senator. 

  • I – “incumbent”, (N) – “new; no voting record”
State Senate – District 01 (R) R (I) Cliff Hite
State Senate – District 01 (R) R (N) Corey Shankleton
State Senate – District 01 (R) R (N) Milo Schaffner
State Senate – District 03 (D) D (N) Star Johnson
State Senate – District 03 (R) R (I) Kevin Bacon
State Senate – District 03 (R) R (N) Kevin Solveson
State Senate – District 05 (D) D (N) Thomas Matthew
State Senate – District 05 (D) D (N) Dee Gillis
State Senate – District 05 (D) D (N) Joe Lacey
State Senate – District 05 (R) R (I) Bill Beagle
State Senate – District 07 (D) D (N) Jimmy Allen
State Senate – District 07 (R) R (N) Kelly Kohls
State Senate – District 07 (R) R (I) Shannon Jones
State Senate – District 09 (D) D (N) Angela Beamon
State Senate – District 09 (D) D (N) Joe Hye
State Senate – District 09 (D) D (N) Catherine  Ingram
State Senate – District 09 (D) D (N) Dale Mallory
State Senate – District 09 (D) D (N) Paul Sohi
State Senate – District 09 (D) D (I) Cecil Thomas
State Senate – District 09 (R) R (N) Jackie Mikita
State Senate – District 11 (D) D (I) Edna Brown
State Senate – District 11 (R) R (N) Ernest McCarthy
State Senate – District 13 (D) D (N) Marcus Madison
State Senate – District 13 (R) R (I) Gayle Manning
State Senate – District 15 (D) D (I) Charleta Tavares
State Senate – District 15 (L) L (N) Jeff Brown
State Senate – District 15 (R) R (N) Joe Healy
State Senate – District 17 (R) R (I) Bob Peterson
State Senate – District 19 (D) D (N) Neil Patel
State Senate – District 19 (R) R (I) Kris Jordan
State Senate – District 21 (D) D (I) Sandra Williams
State Senate – District 21 (D) D (N) Willie Britt
State Senate – District 21 (D) D (N) Gerald Henley
State Senate – District 21 (R) R (N) Sikiru Kafaru
State Senate – District 23 (D) D (I) Michael Skindell
State Senate – District 23 (R) R (N) Tom Haren
State Senate – District 23 (R) R (N) Harry Ristmae
State Senate – District 25 (D) D (I) Kenny Yuko
State Senate – District 25 (D) D (N) Ed Jerse
State Senate – District 25 (D) D (N) Thaddeus Jackson
State Senate – District 25 (R) R (N) Hasani Crider
State Senate – District 27 (D) D (N) George Rusiska
State Senate – District 27 (R) R (I) Frank LaRose
State Senate – District 27 (R) R (N) Caleb Davenport
State Senate – District 29 (D) D (N) Connie Rubin
State Senate – District 29 (R) R (N) Dennis Harbert
State Senate – District 29 (R) R (I) Scott Oelslager
State Senate – District 31 (D) D (N) John Carlisle
State Senate – District 31 (R) R (I) Jay Hottinger
State Senate – District 33 (D) D (I) Joseph Schiavoni

Candidates for the Ohio House -November 8, 2016

All ninety-nine, House seats are on the March ballot.  Each voter votes for no more than one representative.

Directions for finding your state rep and state senator are above the Senate candidates.

  • I – “incumbent”,  N – “new, no voting records available”

State Representative – District 01 (R) (N) Republican David C. Kiefer State Representative – District 01 (R) (N) Republican Scott Wiggam 

State Representative – District 02 (D) (N) Democratic Brittany Bowman    State Representative – District 02 (R) (I) Republican Mark J. Romanchuk 

State Representative – District 03 (D) (N) Democratic David Walters    State Representative – District 03 (R) (I) Republican Tim W. Brown 

State Representative – District 04 (R) (I) Republican Bob Cupp 

State Representative – District 05 (D) (N) Democratic John R. Dyce,   State Representative – District 05 (R) (I) Republican Tim Ginter 

State Representative – District 06 (D) (N) Democratic Phillip Robinson,   State Representative – District 06 (R) (I) Republican Marlene Anielski 

State Representative – District 07 (D) (N) Democratic David J. Thurau,   State Representative – District 07 (R) (N) Republican Jennifer M. Herold,   State Representative – District 07 (R) (N) Republican Thomas F. Patton

State Representative – District 08 (D) (I)  Democratic Kent Smith,  State Representative – District 08 (R) (N) Republican Cassandra McDonald

State Representative – District 09 (D) (I) Democratic Janine Boyd  State Representative – District 09 (D) (N) Democratic Isaac Powell,  State Representative – District 09 (R) (N) Republican Joe Miller

State Representative – District 10 (D) (I) Democratic Bill Patmon,  State Representative – District 10 (R) (N) Republican Thomas Pekarek

State Representative – District 11 (D) (I) Democratic Stephanie Howse,   State Representative – District 11 (R) (N) Republican

Shakira Taylor State Representative – District 12 (D) (I) Democratic John E. Barnes,  State Representative – District 12 (D) (N) Democratic Jill Miller Zimon

State Representative – District 13 (D) (I) Democratic Nickie J. Antonio 

State Representative – District 14 (D) (I) Democratic Martin J. Sweeney 

State Representative – District 15 (D) (I) Democratic Nicholas J. Celebrezze 

State Representative – District 16 (D) (N) Democratic Tommy Greene,  State Representative – District 16 (R) (N) Republican Dave Greenspan

State Representative – District 17 (D) (N) Democratic Matt Jolson,  State Representative – District 17 (D) (N) Democratic Adam Miller,  State Representative – District 17 (R ) (N) Republican John Rush

State Representative – District 18 (D) (I) Democratic Kristin Boggs,   State Representative – District 18 (D) (N) Democratic Joshua Clark,   State Representative – District 18 (D) (N) Democratic Adhanet Kifle,  State Representative – District 18 (G) (N) Green Constance A. Gadell Newton, State Representative – District 18 (R) (N) Republican Whitney Smith

State Representative – District 19 (D) (N) Democratic Michael Johnston,  State Representative – District 19 (R) (I) Republican Anne Gonzales 

State Representative – District 20 (D) (I) Democratic Heather Bishoff,   State Representative – District 20 (R) (N) RepublicanBobby Mitchell,   State Representative – District 20 (R) (N) Republican Lisa Schacht

State Representative – District 21 (D) (N) Democratic Ryan Koch  State Representative – District 21 (R) (I) Republican Mike Duffey

State Representative – District 22 (D) (I) Democratic David Leland,  State Representative – District 22 (R) (N) Republican Linda L. Jarrett

State Representative – District 23 (D) (N) Democratic Lee Schreiber,   State Representative – District 23 (R) (N) Republican Mike Lanese

State Representative – District 24 (D) (N) Democratic Kristopher Keller,   State Representative – District 24 (R) Republican Jim Hughes

State Representative – District 25 (D) (N) Democratic Napoleon A. Bell,  State Representative – District 25 (D) (N) Democratic Dontavius Carrells,  State Representative – District 25 (D) (N) Democratic Bernadine Kennedy Kent,  State Representative – District 25 (D) (N) Democratic Jeffrey D. Mackey,   State Representative – District 25 (D) (N) Democratic Mayo Makonde,   State Representative – District 25 (R) (N) Republican Seth-Golding

State Representative – District 26 (D) (I) Democratic Hearcel F. Craig,   State Representative – District 26 (R) (N) Republican Kenneth H. Collins

State Representative – District 27 (D) (N) Democratic Joe-Otis,   State Representative – District 27 (R) (I) Republican Tom Brinkman

State Representative – District 28 (D) (N) Democratic Regina A. Collins,   State Representative – District 28 (D) (N) Democratic Jessica Miranda,   State Representative – District 28 (R) (I) Republican Jonathan Dever

State Representative – District 29 (R) (I) Republican Louis W. Blessing

State Representative – District 30 (D) (N) Democratic Mark A. Childers,   State Representative – District 30 (R) Republican Bill Seitz

State Representative – District 31 (D) (N) Democratic Paul M. Booth,   State Representative – District 31 (D) (N) Democratic Brian Garry,   State Representative – District 31 (D) (N) Democratic Nicholas W. Hollan,   State Representative – District 31 (D) (N) Democratic Brigid Kelly,   State Representative – District 31 (D) (N) Democratic Ben Lindy,   State Representative – District 31 (D) (N) Democratic Paul Sohi,   State Representative – District 31 (R) (N) Republican Mary Yeager

State Representative – District 32 (D) (N) Democratic Shawn Butler,   State Representative – District 32 (D) (N) Democratic Leo D’Cruz,  State Representative – District 32 (D) (N) Democratic Catherine Ingram,   State Representative – District 32 (D) (N) Democratic Kevin Johnson,   State Representative – District 32 (R) (N) Republican Matthew H. Wahlert

State Representative – District 33 (D) (I) Democratic Alicia Reece,   State Representative – District 33 (R) (N) Republican David Miller

State Representative – District 34 (D) (I) Democratic Emilia Sykes,   State Representative – District 34 (R) (N) Republican Gene Littlefield

State Representative – District 35 (D) (I) Democratic Greta Johnson,   State Representative – District 35 (R) (N) Republican Joe Vassel

State Representative – District 36 (D) (N) Democratic Bobby McDowell,  State Representative – District 36 (R) (I) Republican Anthony DeVitis

State Representative – District 37 (D) (N) Democratic Tom Schmida,   State Representative – District 37 (R) (I) Republican Kristina Daley Roegner

State Representative – District 38 (D) (N) Democratic Matt Browarek,   State Representative – District 38 (D) (N) Democratic Judith Lynn Lee,   State Representative – District 38 (R) (I) Republican Marilyn Slaby

State Representative – District 39 (D) (I) Democratic Fred Strahorn

State Representative – District 40 (D) (N) Democratic David L. Richards,   State Representative – District 40 (R) (I) Republican Michael E. Henne,   State Representative – District 40 (R) (N) Republican Thomas McMasters

State Representative – District 41 (D) (N) Democratic James M. Calhoun   State Representative – District 41 (R) (I) Republican Jim Butler

State Representative – District 42 (D) (N) Democratic Pat Merris,   State Representative – District 42 (R) (I) Republican Niraj J. Antani

State Representative – District 43 (D) (N) Democratic David B. Sparks,  State Representative – District 43 (R) (I) Republican Jeff Rezabek

State Representative – District 44 (D) (I) Democratic Michael D. Ashford,  State Representative – District 44 (R) (N) Republican John Insco

State Representative – District 45 (D) (I) Democratic Teresa Fedor,   State Representative – District 45 (R) (N) Republican James S. Nowak

State Representative – District 46 (D) (I) Democratic Michael P. Sheehy,   State Representative – District 46 (R) (N) Republican Diana M. Skaff

State Representative – District 47 (D) (N) Democratic Michael Sarantou,   State Representative – District 47 (R) (N) Republican Vicki L. Donovan Lyle,   State Representative – District 47 (R ) (N) Republican Kevin G. Haddad,   State Representative – District 47 (R) (N) Republican Barbara S. Lang,   State Representative – District 47 (R) (N) Republican Derek Merrin

State Representative – District 48 (D) (N) Democratic Jennifer M. Bigham, State Representative – District 48 (R) (I) Republican Kirk Schuring

State Representative – District 49 (D) (N) Democratic Joyce Healy Abrams,   State Representative – District 49 (D) (N) Democratic Thomas E. West,   State Representative – District 49 (R) (N) Republican Dan F. McMasters

State Representative – District 50 (D) (N)  Democratic John L. Juergensen,  State Representative – District 50 (R) (I) Republican Christina M. Hagan

State Representative – District 51 (D) (N)  Democratic Johnny H. Hamilton,   State Representative – District 51 (R) (N) Republican Courtney E. Combs,   State Representative – District 51 (R) (I) Republican Wes Retherford

State Representative – District 52 (R) (I) Republican Margaret K. Conditt,   State Representative – District 53 (D) (N) Democratic Suzi Rubin,   State Representative – District 53 (R) (N) Republican Candice Keller,   State Representative – District 53 (R) (N) Republican Joe Mulligan  

State Representative – District 54 (D) (N) Democratic Rick Smith,   State Representative – District 54 (R) (I) Republican Paul Zeltwanger  

State Representative – District 55 (D) (N) Democratic Kevin Watkinson,   State Representative – District 55 (R) (I) Republican Nathan H. Manning  

State Representative – District 56 (D) (I) Democratic Dan Ramos,  State Representative – District 56 (R) (N) Republican Jessie Mae Tower  

State Representative – District 57 (D) (N) Democratic Tom Dunlap,   State Representative – District 57 (R) (N) Republican Kathryn Frombaugh,   State Representative – District 57 (R) (N) Republican Timothy M. Opsitnick,   State Representative – District 57 (R) (N) Republican Dick Stein,   State Representative – District 57 (R) (N) Republican Lee Charles Waldrop  

State Representative – District 58 (D) (I) Democratic Michele Lepore-Hagan,  State Representative – District 58 (D) (N) Democratic Michael E. O’Hara,  State Representative – District 58 (R) (N) Republican Corrine Sanderson  

State Representative – District 59 (D) (I) Democratic John A. Boccieri,   State Representative – District 59 (R) (N) Republican Don Manning,   State Representative – District 59 (R) (N) Republican Jim Murphy  

State Representative – District 60 (D) (I) Democratic John M. Rogers,   State Representative – District 60 (R) (N) Republican Robert Rule

State Representative – District 61 (D) (N) Democratic Rick Walker   State Representative – District 61 (R) (I) Republican Ron Young  

State Representative – District 62 (D) (N) Democratic Samuel P. Ronan,   State Representative – District 62 (R) (N) Republican Scott Lipps,   State Representative – District 62 (R) Republican Steve Muterspaw,   State Representative – District 62 (R) (N) Republican Ray Warrick  

State Representative – District 63 (D) (N) Democratic Glenn W. Holmes,   State Representative – District 63 (D) (N) Democratic Marianne James,  State Representative – District 63 (D) (N)  Democratic Benjamin A. Kyle,   State Representative – District 63 (R) (N) Republican Devon A. Stanley

State Representative – District 64 (D) (I)  Democratic Michael J. O’Brien,   State Representative – District 64 (R) (N) Republican Richard H laudy,   State Representative – District 64 (R) (N) Republican Martha Yoder  

State Representative – District 65 (D) (N) Democratic Amy Brewer,  State Representative – District 65 (R) (N) Republican John Becker

State Representative – District 66 (D) (N) Democratic Ken P. McNeely,   State Representative – District 66 (R) (I) Republican Doug Green

State Representative – District 67 (D) (N) Democratic Janet Breneman,   State Representative – District 67 (R) (I) Republican Andrew O. Brenner

State Representative – District 68 (D) (N) Democratic John Russell,   State Representative – District 68 (R) (N) Republican W. Myles Bancroft,   State Representative – District 68 (R) Republican Rick Carfagna   State Representative – District 68 (R) Republican Beth Lear   State Representative – District 68 (R) Republican Patrick J. Quinn State Representative – District 68 (R) Republican Jason Rogers

State Representative – District 69 (D) Democratic Frank A. Zona   State Representative – District 69 (R) (I) Republican Steve Hambley   State Representative – District 69 (R) Republican Chris M. Sawicki

State Representative – District 70 (R) Republican Steven W. Johnson   State Representative – District 70 (R) Republican Darrell D. Kick   State Representative – District 70 (R) Republican Lisa Woods

State Representative – District 71 (D) Democratic Joseph S. Begeny   State Representative – District 71 (R) (I) Republican Scott K. Ryan

State Representative – District 72 (D) Democratic John J. Carlisle,   State Representative – District 72 (R) Republican Randal B. Almendinger,   State Representative – District 72 (R) Republican Cliff N. Biggers,   State Representative – District 72 (R) Republican Larry Householder

State Representative – District 73 (D) Democratic Brian K. Housh,   State Representative – District 73 (R) (I) Republican Rick Perales

State Representative – District 74 (D) Democratic Barb Niemeyer,   State Representative – District 74 (R) Republican Bill Dean,   State Representative – District 74 (R) Republican Joe Russell,   State Representative – District 74 (R) Republican Brendan P. Shea,   State Representative – District 74 (R) Republican Chris Wallace

State Representative – District 75 (D) (I) Democratic Kathleen Clyde,   State Representative – District 75 (R) Republican Jim Lutz

State Representative – District 76 (D) Democratic Terri McIntee,   State Representative – District 76 (R) (I) Republican Sarah LaTourette

State Representative – District 77 (D) Democratic Bradley S. Nicodemus,   State Representative – District 77 (R) (I) Republican Tim Schaffer

State Representative – District 78 (R) (I) Republican Ron Hood

State Representative – District 79 (D) Democratic Alex Wendt,  State Representative – District 79 (R) (I) Republican  Kyle Koehler

State Representative – District 80 (R) (I) Republican Stephen A. Huffman

 State Representative – District 81 (R) (I) Republican Robert McColley

State Representative – District 82 (R) (I) Republican Tony Burkley,    State Representative – District 82 (R) Republican Craig Riedel

State Representative – District 83 (D) Democratic Mary E. Marshfield   State Representative – District 83 (R) Republican Kevin Rettig   State Representative – District 83 (R) (I) Republican Robert Cole Sprague

State Representative – District 84 (D) Democratic Ed Huff   State Representative – District 84 (R) Republican Keith Faber

State Representative – District 85 (R) (I) Republican Nino Vitale   State Representative – District 86 (D) Democratic Scott Crider

State Representative – District 86 (R) (I) Republican Dorothy Pelanda 

State Representative – District 87 (R) Republican Wes Goodman,   State Representative – District 87 (R) Republican Steve E. Reinhard,   State Representative – District 87 (R) Republican Tom Whiston

State Representative – District 88 (R)  Republican Bill Reineke

State Representative – District 89 (D) Democratic Dannie K. Edmon,   State Representative – District 89 (D) Democratic Lawrence D. Hartlaub,   State Representative – District 89 (R) (I)  Republican Steven M. Arndt

State Representative – District 90 (D) Democratic Tara Cordle,   State Representative – District 90 (R) (I) Republican Terry A. Johnson

State Representative – District 91 (R) (I) Republican Cliff Rosenberger

State Representative – District 92 (R) (I) Republican Gary K. Scherer

State Representative – District 93 (R) (I) Republican Ryan Smith

State Representative – District 94 (D) Democratic Sarah H. Grace,   State Representative – District 94 (D) Democratic Eddie Smith,   State Representative – District 94 (R) Republican Jay Edwards

State Representative – District 95 (D) Democratic Ginny Faved,   State Representative – District 95 (R) (I) Republican Andy Thompson

State Representative – District 96 (D) (I) Democratic Jack Cera,   State Representative – District 96 (D) Democratic Patrick F. Murphy

State Representative – District 97 (R) (I) Republican Brian D. Hill

State Representative – District 98 (D)Democratic Jeremiah M. Johnson,   State Representative – District 98 (R) (I) Republican Al Landis

State Representative – District 99 (D) (I) Democratic JohnPatterson


VOTE SMART on March 15!

The most important act you can take to curb Ohio, animal cruelty is to VOTE for HUMANE LEGISLATORS.

Each voter votes for one, state rep and one, state senator.  Those state legislators sponsor and vote for (or against) our companion animal bills.

All 99 of the seats of the representatives and half of the seats of the 33 senators are up for reelection.

Because Ohio districts are heavily gerrymandered, the Republican winner in a Republican district and the Democrat winner in a Democrat district who won in the March Primary will be the winner in November.

So, the March primary was very important.  The winners in November are decided in March.

Our bills generally languish and die in the Senate.  Look at the list of our bills since 2009.  You will see what I mean.

Companion Animal and Cock Fighting Bills

128th General Assembly – 2009 – 2010

HB 70, Nitro’s Law – passed House; no votes in Senate

HB 55, Pet Protection Orders – passed House; no votes in Senate

HB 108, Cock Fighting – passed House; no votes in Senate

129th General Assembly  – 2011 – 2012

HB 14, Ban BSL – passed House; passed Senate  (law allows individual, Ohio jurisdictions to decide about BSL)

Sub HB 25, Pet Protection Orders – passed House; no votes in Senate

HB 108, Nitro’s Law – passed House; no votes in Senate

SB 130, Puppy Mills – passed House; passed Senate  (after 7 years in legislature was a weaker bill when it finished)

HB 138, Humane Officer Training – no votes in House; no votes in Senate

HB 289, Bestiality – no votes in House; no votes in Senate

HB 300, Search and Rescue Dogs Protections – no votes in House; no votes in Senate

130th General Assembly – 2013 – 2014

HB 57, Humane Officer Training – passed House; no votes in Senate

HB 243, Psychological Evaluation for Youngsters Convicted of Animal Cruelty – no votes in House; no votes in Senate

HB 274, Felony for Animal Cruelty – passed House; no votes in Senate

HB 310, Service Dogs for PTSD Sufferers – passed House; no votes in Senate

SB 177, Domestic Violence – passed House; passed Senate (6 years in Statehouse)

SB 217, Veterinary Hospital Inspections – no votes in House; no votes in Senate

I strongly urge you to find out who your state rep and state senator are.  Directions for locating them follow below.

Then, call your state senator today to see where he stands on our bills.  His positions and votes are public records. You might say, “Good morning, Senator Coley!  This is – (your name) – from – (your city) – .  I am calling you to see which companion animal bills you have voted for or voted against and which you have sponsored or cosponsored.  I am very disappointed to see that the bills that I want to pass languish and die year after year in the Ohio Senate.  

“What is your position on felony for animal cruelty?  What is your position on an animal abuse registry?  Will you be sponsoring any companion animal bills in the future?

“I will be following your positions and votes on the companion animal bills and will be basing my vote on March 15 on your record as my legislator.  I appreciate very much speaking with you this morning.” 

You will vote for your state representative and possibly also for your state senator in March.   Please click on the link below to find your TWO, state  legislators. (Senators Brown and Portman are US congressional senators, not state senators.)

https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/ (Locate your state rep and your state senator here by typing in your zip code PLUS four digit extension in the two boxes next to “Find my legislators”.  If you followed the directions correctly, you will see two names, one state senator and one state rep.  Questions? PM Beth Sheehan)


Your precious vote in March can boost our bills

Thank you for following Joseph’s Legacy & Paws and the Law to stay connected to our humane community.

                     Thank you for doing what you can, where you are, to help our pets!

         Your vote in the March, primary election is very important for the success of our bills.

Be an informed voter in this year’s March primary election.  Because of the heavily gerrymandered, Ohio districts, the Democrat from the Democratic district who wins in March, and the Republican from the Republican district who wins in March, will both also win in November.

So, please be thoughtful with your precious, March vote.

All of the ninety-nine representatives in the House and half of the 33 senators in the Senate are up for reelection this year.  These one hundred thirty-two legislators vote on our companion animal bills.

You will vote for your state representative and possibly also for your state senator in March.   Please click on the link below to find your TWO, state  legislators. (Senators Brown and Portman are US congressional senators, not state senators.)

https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/ (Locate your state rep and your state senator here by typing in your zip code PLUS four digit extension in the two boxes next to “Find my legislators”.  If you followed the directions correctly, you will see two names, one state senator and one state rep.  Questions? PM Beth Sheehan)

I strongly encourage you to call or to write  your state representative and state senator. Make a public records request of their voting record on our bills.

You might say, “Good morning, Representative Smith.  This is __(your name __) from __(your city)__.  I am one of your constituents and an advocate for stronger, legal protections for Ohio dogs, cats, and people at risk.  I would like to know which companion animal bills you have sponsored or cosponsored and which you have voted for or against in the last ten years.   Could you please send me that information?  My e-mail address is __(your e-mail)__. Best wishes this spring in the March Primary Election!”

Your legislators’ votes are all public records.  So, his office will send that information to you. That will not only help you to make an informed decision about whether your two legislators are humane-minded, but it will also let him know that his support of companion animal bills is important to you, his constituent.

Then, share this important information with your friends and family so that they can be informed voters too.

A list of our Ohio representatives and senators with their contact information follows.

Ohio Representatives                          

Ron Amstutz   (R)                                rep01@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-1474

Mark J. Romanchuk  (R)                      rep02@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-5802

Tim W. Brown  (R)                               rep03@ohiohouse.gov               (614) 466-8104

Robert Cupp (R )                                  rep04@ohiohouse.gov               (614) 466-9624

Timothy Ginter (R)                               rep05@ohiohouse.gov               (614) 466-8022

Marlene Anielski    (R)                         rep06@ohiohouse.gov               (614) 644-6041

Mike Dovilla    (R)                                 rep07@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-4895

Kent Smith    (D)                                   rep08@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-5441

Janine Boyd   (D)                                  rep09@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-5079

Bill Patmon   (D)                                   rep10@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-7954

Stephanie Howse  (D)                         rep11@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-1414

John Barnes, Jr.    (D)                            rep12@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-1408

Nickie J. Antonio  (D)                             rep13@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-5921

Martin Sweeney    (D)                           rep14@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-3350

Nicholas J. Celebrezze     (D)                rep15@ohiohouse.gov                 (614) 466-3485

Nan A. Baker   (R)                                  rep16@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-0961

Michael F. Curtin  (D)                           rep17@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-6005

VACANT                                                  rep18@ohiohouse.gov             (614)

Anne Gonzales    (R)                             rep19@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-4847

Heather Bishoff   (D)                            rep20@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-6002

Mike Duffey    (R)                                  rep21@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-6030

David Leland   (D)                                 rep22@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-2473

Cheryl L. Grossman    (R)                     rep23@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-9690

Stephanie Kunze    (R)                          rep24@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-8012

Kevin Boyce (D)                                     rep25@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-5343

Hearcel F. Craig (D)                               rep26@ohiohouse.gov               (614) 466-8010

Tom Brinkman    (R)                             rep27@ohiohouse.gov                (614) 644-6886

Jonathan Dever (R )                               rep28@ohiohouse.gov               (614) 466-8120

Louis W. Blessing III    (R)                     rep29@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-9091

Louis Terhar (R)                                     rep30@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-8258

Denise Driehaus    (D)                           rep31@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-5786

Christie Bryant Kuhns (D)                     rep32@ohiohouse.gov                (614) 466-1645

Alicia Reece    (D)                                   rep33@ohiohouse.gov               (614) 466-1308

Emiilia Strong Sykes   (D)                       rep34@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-3100

Greta Johnson   (D)                                 rep35@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-6037

Anthony DeVitis    (R )                            rep36@ohiohouse.gov               (614) 466-1790

Kristina Roegner    (R)                            rep37@ohiohouse.gov                (614) 466-1177

Marilyn Slaby     (R)                                 rep38@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-5085

Fred Strahorn   (D)                                 rep39@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-1607

Michael Henne    (R)                               rep40@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-8051

Jim Butler  (R)                                          rep41@ohiohouse.gov                 (614) 644-6008

Niraj J. Antani (R)                                    rep42@ohiohouse.gov                 (614) 466-6504

Jeffery Rezabek (R)                               rep43@ohiohouse.gov                 (614) 466-2960

Mike Ashford    (D)                               rep44@ohiohouse.gov                  (614) 466-1401

Teresa Fedor   (D)                                 rep45@ohiohouse.gov                (614) 644-6017

Michael Sheehy   (D)                             rep46@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-1418

Barbara R. Sears (R)                             rep47@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-1731

Kirk Schuring (R)                                   rep48@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 752-2438

Stephen Slesnick   (D)                          rep49@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-8030

Christina Hagan (R)                              rep50@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-9078

Wes Retherford   (R)                            rep51@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-6721

Margaret Conditt    (R)                          rep52@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-8550

Timothy Derickson   (R)                         rep53@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-5094

Paul Zeltwanger   (R)                             rep54@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-6027

Nathan Manning (R)                               rep55@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-5076

Dan Ramos   (D)                                     rep56@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-5141

Terry Boose   (R)                                     rep57@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-9628

Michele Lepore-Hagan   (D)                   rep58@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-9435

John Boccieri   (D)                                  rep59@ohiohouse.gov              (614)-466-6107

John M. Rogers   (D)                              rep60@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-7251

Ron Young    (R)                                     rep61@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-6074

Ron Maag    (R)                                      rep62@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-6023

Sean O’Brien   (D)                                 rep63@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-3488

Michael O’Brien    (D)                             rep64@ohiohouse.gov            (614) 466-5358

John Becker    (R)                                    rep65@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-8134

Doug Green   (R)                                    rep66@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-6034

Andrew Brenner   (R)                             rep67@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-6711

Margaret Ann Ruhl   (R)                      rep68@ohiohouse.gov                 (614) 466-1431

Stephen Hambley (R)                          rep69@ohiohouse.gov               (614) 466-8140

David Hall    (R)                                     rep70@ohiohouse.gov               (614) 466-2994

Scott Ryan    (R)                                    rep71@ohiohouse.gov               (614) 466-1482

Bill Hayes   (R)                                      rep72@ohiohouse.gov                      (614) 466-2500

Rick Perales    (R)                                 rep73@ohiohouse.gov                      (614) 644-6020

Bob D. Hackett    (R)                             rep74@ohiohouse.gov                      (614) 466-1470

Kathleen Clyde   (D)                             rep75@ohiohouse.gov                         (614) 466-2004

Sarah LaTourette    (R)                           rep76@ohiohouse.gov                      (614) 644-5088

Tim Schaffer    (R)                                  rep77@ohiohouse.gov                         (614) 466-8100

Ron Hood    (R)                                     rep78@ohiohouse.gov                         (614) 466-1464

Kyle Koehler   (R)                                  rep79@ohiohouse.gov                         (614) 466-2038

Steven Huffman    (R)                            rep80@ohiohouse.gov                      (614) 466-8114

Robert McColley   (R)                           rep81@ohiohouse.gov                     (614) 466-3760

Tony Burkley   (R)                                 rep82@ohiohouse.gov                    (614) 644-5091

Robert Sprague   (R)                            rep83@ohiohouse.gov                    (614) 466-3819

Jim Buchy   (R)                                         rep84@ohiohouse.gov                 (614) 466-6341

Nino Vitale    (R)                                      rep85@ohiohouse.gov                 (614) 466-1507

Dorothy Pelanda    (R)                           rep86@ohiohouse.gov                 (614) 466-8147

Jeff McClain (R)                                      rep87@ohiohouse.gov                  (614) 466-8147

Bill Reineke   (R)                                   rep88@ohiohouse.gov                   (614) 466-1374

Steven Arndt (R)                                  rep89@ohiohouse.gov                    (614-644-6011

Terry Johnson    (R)                               rep90@ohiohouse.gov                 (614) 466-2124

Cliff Rosenberger   (R)                          rep91@ohiohouse.gov                 (614) 466-3506

House Speaker

Gary Scherer (R)                                  rep92@ohiohouse.gov                   (614) 644-7928

Ryan Smith   (R)                                    rep93@ohiohouse.gov                 (614) 466-1366

Debbie Phillips  (D)                               rep94@ohiohouse.gov               (614) 466-2158

Assistant Minority Whip

Andy Thompson    (R)                           rep95@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-8728

Jack Cera  (D)                                         rep96@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-3735

Brian Hill    (R)                                       rep97@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 644-6014

Al Landis (R)                                           rep98@ohiohouse.gov              (614) 466-8035

John Patterson    (D)                             rep99@ohiohouse.gov            (614) 466-1405

Ohio Senators

Sen Cliff Hite   (R)                          hite@ohiosenate.gov                      (614-466-8150)

Sen Lou Gentile    (D)                    gentile@ohiosenate.gov                (614-466-6508)

Sen Troy Balderson    (R)              balderson@ohiosenate.gov          (614-466-8076)

Sen Dave Burke    (R)                     burke@ohiosenate.gov                  (614-466-8049)

Sen Capri S. Cafaro    (D)             cafaro@ohiosenate.gov                    (614-466-7182)

Sen Gayle Manning   (R)               manning@ohiosenate.gov                (614-466-7613)

Sen Bob Peterson (R)                    peterson@ohiosenate.gov               (614-466-8156)

Sen Joe Schiavoni    (D)                 schiavoni@ohiosenate.gov               (614-466-8285)

Sen Randy Gardner    (R)              gardner@ohiosenate.gov              (614-466-8066)

Sen Kevin Bacon  (R)                    bacon@ohiosenate.gov                (614-466-8064)

Sen Bill Coley    (R)                        coley@ohiosenate.gov                   (614-466-8072)

Sen Bill Beagle    (R)                      beagle@ohiosenate.gov                (614-466-6247)

Sen Peggy Lehner   (R)                  lehner@ohiosenate.gov                (614-466-4538)

Sen Shannon Jones    (R)             jones@ohiosenate.gov                   (614-466-9737)

Sen Bill Seitz   (R)                         s eitz@ohiosenate.gov                    (614-466-8068)

Sen Cecil Thomas                          thomas@ohiosenate.gov               (614-466-5980)

Sen Chris Widener    (R)               widener@ohiosenate.gov              (614-466-3780)

Sen Edna Brown    (D)                  brown@ohiosenate.gov                (614-466-5204)

Sen Keith Faber    (R)                    faber@ohiosenate.gov                  (614-466-7584)

Sen Joe Uecker    (R)                      uecker@ohiosenate.gov               (614-466-8082)

Sen Charleta B. Tavares    (D)      tavares@ohiosenate.gov             (614-466-5131)

Sen Jim Hughes    (R)                     hughes@ohiosenate.gov              (614-466-5981)

Sen John Eklund    (R)                   eklund@ohiosenate.gov               (614-466-7718)

Sen Kris Jordan   (R)                      jordan@ohiosenate.gov                (614-466-8086)

Sen Larry Obhof    (R)                    obhof@ohiosenate.gov                  (614-466-7505)

Sen Michael J. Skindell   (D)          skindell@ohiosenate.gov               (614-466-5123)

Sen Tom Patton    (R)                      patton@ohiosenate.gov              (614-466-8056)

Sen Frank LaRose    (R)                  larose@ohiosenate.gov                (614-466-4823)

Sen Tom Sawyer   (D)                    sawyer@ohiosenate.gov               (614-466-7041)

Sen Scott Oelslager    (R)              oelslager@ohiosenate.gov            (614-466-0626)

Sen Sandra R. Williams (D)           williams@ohiosenate.gov              (614) 466-4857

Sen Kenny Yuko (D)                       yuko@ohiosenate.gov                   (614) 466-4583

Sen Jay Hottinger (R)                    hottinger@ohiosenate.gov             (614) 466-5838

Companion Animal Bills in the 131st General Assembly

                Get political for Ohio cats, dogs, and people at risk!

                  Follow Paws and the Law to be an informed advocate.

                     Thank you for doing what you can, where you are, for our beloved cats and dogs.

Here are the main points of and links to current, Ohio, companion animal bills. Most are necessary bills that not only aim to protect our beloved cats and dogs, but they also will safeguard our state’s most vulnerable populations, elderly, children, handicapped, and partners.

There are one hundred thirty-two state senators and state representatives. They vote on our bills. Each Ohio voter can vote for only one state representative and one state senator, based on where he lives.

Make certain you know who your state rep and state senator are. You will want to be in contact with those two legislators in support of or opposed to these bills.

                               Find your state representative and state senator

Your two most important state legislators are your own state rep and state senator. (Senators Brown and Portman are US congressional senators.)

https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/ (Locate your state rep and your state senator here by typing in your zip code PLUS four digit extension in the two boxes next to “Find my legislators”. Questions? PM Beth Sheehan)

                                          Bills in the 131st General Assembly

1. HB 45, Humane Officer Training – SUPPORT

Introduced – February 10, 2015

Assigned to Local Government Committee – February 11, 2015


Cosponsors: Representatives Jack Cera,  Michael Stinziano,  Debbie Phillips,  Sean O’Brien,  Cheryl Grossman,  Michele Lepore-Hagan

(HB 45 IS IMPORTANT.  The humane officer has 20 hours of special training in how to approach and to analyze an animal crime scene.

Additionally, HB 45 gets rid of the residency requirement. Right now a humane officer can only work in the county in which he lives. By getting rid of the residency requirement, the same amount of officers can spread out to additional counties to investigate animal cruelty.

Finally, many, Ohio counties, especially rural ones, have no humane officer right now.)

https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA131-HB-45 (Read HB 45 here.)

2.  HB 60, ‘Goddard’s Law’ – enacted into Ohio law

 Sponsors: Representatives Bill Patmon and Dave Hall

Cosponsors: Representatives Nickie J. Antonio,  John Barnes, Jr.,  Louis W. Blessing III,  Janine R. Boyd,  Tim W. Brown,  Jack Cera,  Cheryl L. Grossman, Sarah LaTourette, David Leland, Michele Lepore-Hagan,  John Patterson, Debbie Phillips, Mark J. Romanchuk,  Michael Sheehy, Marilyn Slaby, Margaret Ann Ruhl, Marlene Anielski, Mike Ashford, Nan A. Baker, Nicholas J. Celebrezze, Mike Dovilla, Denise Driehaus, Teresa Fedor, Bob D. Hackett, Stephen D. Hambley, Michael Henne, Stephanie D. Howse, Greta Johnson, Terry Johnson, Michael J. O’Brien, Sean O’Brien, Dorothy Pelanda, Dan Ramos, John M. Rogers, Kirk Schuring, Barbara Sears, Stephen Slesnick, Kent Smith, Martin J. Sweeney

(HB 60 IN ITS ORIGINAL FORM was important.   “Goddard’s Law”, felony for animal cruelty, is the next step for Ohio after “Nitro’s Law”. Let’s look at felony for animal abuse in Ohio right now. MOST animal abuse is a misdemeanor in Ohio. There are two, specific times when animal abuse is a felony. First, the SECOND TIME that an offender is convicted of animal cruelty, it is a felony. The first time that offender is convicted it is a misdemeanor.   Second, if an animal “in the care of a kennel” is intentionally harmed by the manager, the owner, or the employees, it is a felony. This is “Nitro’s Law”.

Additionally, Ohio judges are mandated to seek community sanctions (no jail) for certain nonviolent offenders because of prison overcrowding. Animal abusers are considered by law to be nonviolent.

So, the animal abusers often end up with no jail time, a fine, AND they get their animal back.

This bill, when it was in the 130th General Assembly, was very much stronger.   HB 60 WITH THE AMENDMENT seriously dilutes the bill and does not adequately protect our cats and dogs.)


(Read HB 60 here.)

3.  HB 94, Cruelty, Neglect, and Tethering  – SUPPORT

Introduced – March 2, 2015

Assigned – March 4, 2015 to Agriculture and Rural Development

Sponsor: Representative  John Barnes Jr.

Cosponsors: Representatives Mike Duffey, Michele Lepore-Hagan, and Margaret Ann Ruhl

(HB 94 IS IMPORTANT.  It aims to curb animal cruelty, neglect, and endless tethering.  Owners are neither permitted to tether their animals outside when there are weather advisories nor when the owner is not home.

There is specification for appropriate shelter.  So, the plastic igloo at twenty degrees below zero and the deck twenty feet away from the dog in ninety-five degrees is not “adequate shelter”. )


(Read HB 94 here.)

4.  HB 121, Service Dog Awareness Week – Support

Introduced – March 12, 2015

Passed House – 93 – 0 – May 13, 2015; Passed Senate – 33 – 0

HB 121 is on its way to the governor’s desk.

Sponsors: Representatives Michael Stinziano and Margaret Ann Ruhl

Cosponsors: Representatives Ron Amstutz, Nicholas J. Celebrezze, Michele Lepore-Hagan, Debbie Phillips, Jeffery S. Rezabek, Cheryl L. Grossman, Bob D. Hackett, Stephen Slesnick, Martin J. Sweeney, Sarah LaTourette, Nickie J. Antonio, Nan A. Baker, Andrew Brenner, Thomas E. Brinkman, Jr., Tim W. Brown, Jim Buchy, Hearcel F. Craig, Robert R. Cupp, Timothy Derickson, Denise Driehaus, Teresa Fedor, Timothy E. Ginter, Christina Hagan, David Hall, Stephen D. Hambley, Brian Hill, Greta Johnson, Terry Johnson, Christie Bryant Kuhns, Stephanie Kunze, Al Landis, David Leland, Michael J. O’Brien, Sean O’Brien, Rick Perales, Dan Ramos, John M. Rogers, Mark J. Romanchuk, Tim Schaffer, Barbara R. Sears, Michael Sheehy, Marilyn Slaby, Kent Smith, Robert Sprague, Emilia Strong Sykes, Ron Young, Senators  Bill Beagle, Charleta B. Tavares, Edna Brown

(HB 121 IS IMPORTANT because it educates the public about the unique skills that a service animal has that allow his owner to be more independent in his life.  It also informs business owners of the rights the service animal owner and service animal have while in the store, movie, or restaurant.)


(Read HB 121 here.)

5.  HB 187, First Responders May Stabilize Pets in Emergencies – goes into effect September 12, 2016

Sponsor: Representative Timothy Ginter

Cosponsors: Representatives LaTourette, Blessing III, Schaffer, Vitale, Michelle Lepore-Hagan, Margaret Ruhl, Becker, Hambley

(HB 187 IS IMPORTANT – It clearly defines what first responders may do on behalf of our pets if they are in a crisis, like a fire or a car accident. They can provide oxygen with a ventilator or mouth to snout to a stressed animal or a splint to his injured leg before the animal goes to a veterinarian.)


(Read HB 187 here.)

6.  HB 198, Special Prosecutors Appointed by Humane Societies – OPPOSE

Introduced – May 11, 2015

Assigned to Judiciary Committee – May 19, 2015

Sponsor: Representatives Stephen Hambley and Greta Johnson

Cosponsors: Representatives Heather Bishoff, Terry Boose, Bob D. Hackett, Brian Hill, Doug Green, Michael J. O’Brien

(IT IS IMPORTANT TO OPPOSE HB 198 because it limits the choices a humane society has in prosecuting animal cruelty.  Additionally, it may have encourage humane societies to prosecute animal abuse crimes as misdemeanors instead of felonies.)


(Read HB 198 here.)

7.  HB 267,  “Trooper’s Bill” – SUPPORT

Sponsor: Representative Margaret Ruhl

Cosponsors: Representatives Andrew Brenner, Teresa Fedor, Cheryl Grossman, Sarah LaTourette, Michele Lepore-Hagan, Andy Thompson

(This bill aims to establish a deer sanctuary license to allow a licensee to raise deer, to establish requirements governing such a license, to require the Chief of the Division of Wildlife to issue a wild animal permit to allow a permit holder to rehabilitate deer, to establish procedures that certain law enforcement officers must follow when responding to accidents involving injured or deceased deer, and to require training for those officers regarding humane procedures for euthanizing injured deer.)


(Read HB 267 here.)

8.  HB 447, “Killing Police Dogs in the Line of Duty”  –  SUPPORT

Sponsors: Representatives Schuring and Slesnick


Summary – “to increase penalties for intentionally killing police canines in the line of duty”

Status – State Government Committee


(Read HB 447 here.)

9.  SB 151, “The Klonda Richey Act” – INTERESTED

SPONSOR: Senator Bill Beagle

Cosponsor: Senator Peggy Lehner

Introduced – April 27, 2015

Assigned to Agriculture Committee – April 29, 2015; had hearing in the Senate Agriculture Committee on April 26, 2016

(This bill aims to give clarity to “nuisance, dangerous, and vicious dogs”, to revise enforcement of that Law, and to establish a notification process regarding complaints of certain violations of that Law.)


(Read SB 151 here.)

10.  SB 195 – Prohibiting Sexual Contact with Animals – SUPPORT

Introduced – July 16, 2015

Assigned to Criminal Justice Committee – September 17, 2015

Sponsors: Senators Jim Hughes and Jay Hottinger

(SB 195 IS IMPORTANT because having sexual contact with an animal is legal in Ohio.  This bill makes it a misdemeanor to have sexual contact with an animal.  It allows for the seizure and impoundment of the animal that is violated.  Also, it authorizes the court to require an offender to undergo psychological evaluation or counseling.)


(Read SB 195 here.)

11.   SB 215 – Good Samaritan – goes into effect on August 31, 2016

 Sponsors: Senators Jim Hughes and Frank LaRose

Cosponsors: Senators Kevin Bacon and Joe Uecker

(SB 215 is an important bill because it allows individuals to rescue pets and children in danger in unattended vehicles with immunity from civil liability.)


(Read SB 215 here.)

12.   SB 271 – Police Buys Dog or Horse – SUPPORT



Sponsor: Senator Lou Gentile

Cosponsors: Senators Kenny Yuko, Shannon Jones, Joe Schiavoni, Capri S. Cafaro, Michael Skindell, Charleta B. Tavares, Cecil Thomas, Frank LaRose

(SB 271 is an important bill that aims to allow a police officer to buy a his police dog or horse at fair market value at retirement.)


(Read SB 271 here.)

13. SB 286 – Killing a Police Dog or Horse – SUPPORT

Introduced – February 29, 2016

Assigned to Senate Criminal Justice Committee – April 12, 2016

Sponsor: Senator Jim Hughes

(SB 286 is important because it increases penalty for assaulting a police dog or horse.  It requires, if the dog or horse is killed, a mandatory prison term and a mandatory fine to be paid to the law enforcement agency served by the dog or horse.)

Issue 1, the Ohio Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Amendment

Please VOTE YES on Issue 1, the Ohio Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Amendment, on our November 3, 2015 ballot.

Issue 1, when passed, will make our districts more fair.  More fair districts mean that our legislators will have to be more responsive to us because they will no longer be in “safe districts”.  This gives our companion animal bills a better chance to pass.

If approved by Ohio voters, Issue 1 will add an amendment to our Ohio constitution. This new amendment defines the makeup and duties of a newly formed Bipartisan Redistricting Commission to draw House and Senate (but not US Congressional) legislative districts in Ohio after each 10 year census.

If passed, Issue 1, the amendment to the Ohio Constitution, will go into effect on November 4, 2015.

The Redistricting Commission will have seven members:

  • the Governor
  • the State Auditor
  • the Secretary of State
  • Appointee by the Speaker of the House
  • Appointee by the President of the Senate
  • Appointee by the Minority Leader of the House
  • Appointee by the Minority Leader of the Senate

If Issue 1 passes, the Redistricting Commission will draw new lines for the House and the Senate beginning in 2021, after the next US census. The amendment forbids the Redistricting Commission from drawing districts that intentionally favor one party or disfavor the other. The districts must be compact, following normal city and county divisions, instead of splitting them up.   Also, there must be public hearings on the proposed, new districts.

At least two members from the minority party must agree on the new House and Senate districts. If there are not at least two votes from the minority party in favor of the new plan, the Redistricting Commission’s plan will last just four years, instead of ten. At the end of four years, the Redistricting Commission must again work together to come up with a plan for the remaining six years.

http://www.sos.state.oh.us/sos/upload/ballotboard/2015/1-Language.pdf  (Read Issue 1 here.)

The Ohio Democratic Party, the Ohio Republican Party, the AFL-CIO, and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Bar Association, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Nuns on the Bus have endorsed Issue 1.

There is no formal opposition to Issue 1.

Early voting for the November 3, 2015 election begins on October 6, 2015. Please use your voices and your votes to make our Ohio communities safe, happy, and productive. 

VOTE YES on Issue 1.  Fair districts mean fair elections.

A mighty curse on our bills

Gerrymandering veils a mighty curse

Our bills doomed to languish, then die

With Ohio’s carefully rigged districts

It’s clear what’s at fault and why.


Political maps, drawn with ‘safe districts’,

Pols pick voters, tinkering with lines

Reps won’t lift a voice for constituents.

Maps assure landslide wins all the time.


Cash is free speech; billionaires hold sway

Special interests behind closed doors they meet.

Gridlock’s jam stalls work every day

High stakes goals, where only insiders compete.


US Supreme Court has recently ruled

Against ‘winner take all’, preordained fate

Redistricting is now on national stage

Which may change crushing deadlock in our state.


Apply due diligence to Issue One.

Before casting votes on Election Day

Redistricting could reverse this foul hex.

Then, the curse on our bills will fade away.


Gerrymandering Blunts All Hopes

Disgraceful gerrymandering of Ohio districts blunts all hopes of the passage of our companion animal bills. Our congressional and state legislators are all in “safe districts”. Those comfortable districts have been carved out with laser precision by computers to assure a predetermined outcome on Election Day.

Efforts to control the district lines for political gain have been in effect since the beginning of our nation. Democrats and Republicans alike have used this technique to their advantage over the years. Patrick Henry opposed the Constitution. So, he attempted to draw district lines in a way that would cause James Madison, a prime author of the Constitution, to not be elected.

In the 1812, Elbridge Gerry, governor of Massachusetts, endorsed a redistricting plan to ensure his party’s domination. Some of the redrawn district lines were long and skinny, like a salamander. Thus, a combination of “Gerry” and “salamander” gave us the origin of Gerrymander, a partisan attempt at drawing district lines so that the party in control benefits politically.

Gerrymandering leads to serious consequences for the health of our democracy.  It is a root cause of  frustrating political inertia. The MAJORITY PARTY NOW CHOOSES THE VOTERS in advance. It both carves out large districts for itself and packs the minority party’s voters into a few districts.

Outcomes for the November election are decided in the spring primary.  In a designated Democratic district, for example, the winner of the Democrat primary will also be the winner in November.  The winner of the Republican primary has little chance of success in that Democratic district.

Legislators are so comfortable in their districts that they do not have to work across the aisle. This is what leads to extreme political positions and lack of progress on important issues.

In contrast, in a healthy democracy, the voters choose the legislators.  The legislators compromise by working across the aisle.  There is progress on important issues, like our companion animal bills.

                                            US Supreme Court Decision

Arizona voters wanted a fairer, less partisan system of the voter districts. So, in 2000, they made created an independent redistricting commission.

The Arizona commission has five members, two chosen by Republican lawmakers and two by Democratic lawmakers. The fifth member is chosen by the other four.

The Republican-led, Arizona state legislature sued. The legislators said the voters did not have the authority to take the power away from the legislators to draw district lines.

The Arizona case made its way all the way up to the US Supreme Court. In 2015, the Court ruled, 5 – 4, that Arizona voters could create an independent, redistricting commission.

Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anthony M. Kennedy, Stephen G. Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan were in the majority.

Justice Ginsburg wrote for the majority, “The animating principle of our Constitution is that the people themselves are the originating source of all the powers of government.”

“In so acting, Arizona voters sought to restore ‘the core principle of republican government’, namely, that the voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around.”

Justices John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr. were in the minority.

                                    What happens to Ohio, companion animal bills?

Our companion animal bills do not fair well year after year in the Statehouse. They have some activity in the House. Then, when they are assigned to the Senate Agriculture Committee, they meet failure. In the Senate, our bills generally languish and die in a two-year period without even a hearing.

In the last General Assembly we supported ten, companion animal bills. One bill was enacted. Nine bills died. SB 177, Domestic Violence and Pet Protection Orders, the one bill that passed, had been in the General Assemblies for eight, long years.

In Ohio, when the votes are cast, Republicans and Democrats win about the same number of votes. Yet, 75% of Ohio congressional legislators and 66% of state legislators are Republicans.

Gerrymandering is why we get so little response to our calls, visits, and e-mails.  Ohio legislators are all sitting comfortably in their political offices.  They do not have to work at compromise across the aisle to stay in office. The strength of the individual voice has been seriously compromised.

                                                            What you can do

VOTE YES on ISSUE 1 on your November ballot. Issue 1 is endorsed by the Ohio Democrats, the Ohio Republicans, the League of Women Voters, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the AFL-CIO, and many more organizations.

With a fairer, more representative redistricting plan in place, there will be hope again for the passage of our companion animal bills.  It is the way forward for our bills.